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Thank you for all your care yesterday. As feedback, the ambulance service you had picked out of Gatwick was incredibly comfortable and the guys helpful.

Marie-Caroline Sainpy, New York USA commercial stretcher repatriation Sivas, Turkey to Guildford UK

Thank you so much for your support and patience last week Gavin, and for the updates on the progress of the transfer. Pleased everything went so smoothly.

Eva Roulstone, Head of Complex Discharge, Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust Air Ambulance London to Belfast

Thank you so much for all your unbelievable hard work. Last night we managed to get my dad booked into a private hospital in Lahore. His condition is improving. So we are hoping he can recover and travel back as soon as lockdown is lifted. Therefore we no longer require your services. Once again I really appreciate all the hard work you have done and I am sorry that this has gone to waste. Thank you so much for all your assistance and thank you to the doctor who was willing to put his life on hold for my dad.

Malika Adeel Azam – Bradford, UK – Cancelled Doctor Escorted Repatriation from Pakistan ( UK Red Listed Country)

Hi, Gavin & Angela, just wanted to thank you for getting us home safe and sound. The journey back was seamless from start to finish (although the pilots did look 12 years old). I can’t tell you how happy we are to all be home, you and all those involved today did an amazing job and we can’t thank you enough. Best wishes Julie, Terri and Bill xxx

Julie Massey – Basildon UK. Air Ambulance Repatriation of father Corfu to Basildon

Dear Gavin, I just wanted to thank you for the compassionate and professional way that you dealt with the repatriation of Roger. In a stressful situation it was so helpful to know that I could rely on you to reply to emails, and phone calls promptly and with sound advice. At times you were the only sane voice!

Eileen Orr, Kingston, UK. Repatriation from St. Maarten, Caribbean to Kingston Hospital, Surrey

Thank you so much for your help today you wouldn’t believe how much of a relief it is to know that someone knows how this works and what to do, I’ll be honest this morning I was at a loss as to where I would start with this but I feel very reassured now that we can get him home and he is not going to have to spend his days in a Spanish Care home not understanding a word they say

Lisa Frediani, Liverpool,UK – Repatriation of expat father in law from Alicante, Spain to Liverpool UK

Dear Gavin and Angela, I honestly cannot thank you both enough! Thank you so much for getting David back to Ghana safely and for taking such good care of him- I will pass on the message to the rest of the team. That’s great to hear that he tolerated the flight well and I am very relieved that Nana was there to meet you all.

Sophie Atkinson. Discharge Nurse, McKentee Ward, St George’s Hospital London Repatriation London to Korle Bu Hospital, Accra, Ghana

I will definitely be keeping your details on file as it is an excellent option, particularly for uninsured clients. Thank you for a very professional service and for assisting so promptly

Karen Young | Vice Consul | Harare  British Embassy | 3 Norfolk Road | Mount Pleasant | Harare | Zimbabwe

Ready to Assist

Hello Gavin,
Just a note to thank you for your assistance in getting my Dad back home safely. My parents really appreciated your professionalism, as do I.
Many thanks.

Brian Dorton Repatriation Paphos, Cyprus to Glasgow

Dear Angela, Thank you so much for coming out to Japan. I am scared to think what might have happened if you were not there. You were a great comfort and help, including getting us through the airport logistics. Sonia, I am sure needed you as much as me, with her fear of flying. Thank you is not enough!

Sarah Sexton. Repatriation Tokyo to Birmingham, UK

A big thank you to Gavin Bland who my mother said was so good and caring throughout the journey right through to taking her to hospital in the UK. His 25 years experience shows and he was definitely the right man for the job. I would highly recommend him for future similar roles.

Nina Patel Repatriation New Delhi, India to West Bromwich UK

My wife was very nervous prior to meeting Angela. We were immediately reassured when she visited us the evening before the transfer home. Angela took charge and organised every element of the travel – how to transport. lift and move my wife. She had no pain throughout the whole trip. The whole process went extremely smoothly thanks to Angela’s interventions and organisation. We will be forever grateful.

John Stooks Repatriation from Los Angeles to Newcastle upon Tyne.

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